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Are you receiving 

letters from

the IRS and need help?



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  • Consultation is FREE

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • We have a proven track record dealing with the IRS

  • We offer several payment options

  • Get information right away with no obligation

  • Avoid IRS garnishment on your paychecks and bank accounts

We can assist you in responding to the IRS

  • Threatening letters?

  • IRS charges?

  • Audits?

  • Errors on your filings?

  • Have you gone years without filing your income?

  • Garnishing from your wages?

  • Have a large debt with the IRS?


Our Services

  • Representation in IRS audits

  • Settlement Offers / Settlement Negotiations

  • Help with payroll tax problems

  • Back Tax Help

  • Help with unpaid taxes

  • Collection process relief

  • Resolution services

  • Amend or correct tax returns

  • Help with confiscation or garnishment of your wages

  • Defense with IRS collections

  • Help with confiscation or seizure of bank accounts

  • Payment settlement negotiation

Do not spend thousands of dollars on lawyers
we have more than
20 years of experience
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