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Foto para Pasaporte

Obtén las fotografías correctas para tu pasaporte y trámites

Grises en Negro

Traveling is a very popular and common activity nowadays but you don’t just hop on a plane and fly wherever you want, you need a valid passport prior to entering another territory and some countries even require a visa with a photo that meets the requirements. All you need is just a photo but it can be very pricey if you make one in a photo studio. We got the solution in Alliance Multiservices we can take that photographs with 100% acceptance. 


Don't suffer delays or rejection due to an invalid passport photo with your application. Getting it right the first time couldn't be easier with our U.S. Passport Photo online service. 

We take the photographs not only for your passport but for any other documents that you need , get a free consultation, fast and effective service

Photo size must be

  • 2 x 2 in (51 x 51 mm)

Head size must be

  • Minimum 1 in (22 mm)

  • Maximum 1 3/8 in (35 mm)

    Recently taken within the last 6 months
    No eyeglasses
    Neutral facial expression - no smiling
    Both eyes open
    No hats or head coverings, except for religious purposes

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